๐Ÿ’ตOpen Edition

To create an Open Edition listing, make sure you have already created a Stand Alone + Open Edition collection. See Creating a Collection.

Open Edition Listings are subject to a 5% primary sale fee. See Fee Structure.

An Open Edition is a special type of token that can be created in unlimited quantities for limited time, unlike "limited edition" tokens which have a fixed, predetermined number of tokens.

For instance: instead of minting a token with 10 editions out of which you'll send 1 edition to a friend and list the other 9 for sale, you mint an Open Edition token that can be minted for a limited time and for a specific price. During that time, each buyer will get the token, increasing its supply.

An Open Edition token starts with 0 editions and remains at 0 editions until someone buys it, increasing the supply by how many editions got bought.

Like with any other token you can only send open edition tokens you own, so if you want to create an Open Edition and send a few copies to your friends you'll have to buy them. If your Open Edition token has 0 edition, you cannot burn it.

Minting An Open Edition Token

An Open Edition listing is only possible on an Open Edition token. First, mint a token and set its Edition Size to Open Edition in the minting menu. If you don't see the option for Open Edition, please make sure that you have selected a collection that is capable of Open Editions, see Creating a Collection.

Listing An Open Edition Token

Once your Open Edition token is created, you will be able to list it. For this start by navigating to the token page. On the token page, click on the Liston the right-hand side. Here you'll have the option to set a price, drop duration, start time (schedule) and max tokens per wallet.

Updating An Open Edition Listing

As long as the drop hasn't commenced, or no editions have been sold yet, an Open Edition listing can be updated using the same steps as outlined above. Use the actions tab Open Edition form to update the drop properties.

Open Edition Token Visibility

Before having listed your token, Open Edition tokens will only be visible on the collection page and not on the artist profile. As soon as the Open Edition token is listed for sale, it will appear on the artist's profile and explore views.

Buying an Open Edition

When the Open Edition drop becomes active, any user will be able to purchase it using the panel located below the token description on the token page. The user will be able to purchase multiple tokens at the same time, up to a maximum of the allowed max tokens per wallet.

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