Creating a Profile

There are two ways on setting up your profil. Either you do it via the objkt Interface or via Tezos Profiles. Wherever the latest change is done takes precedence.

Setting up your Profile on objkt

First make sure that you wallet is synched with the objkt webpage. By clicking on the profil icon on the upper-right corner and then on "Profile" you will be forwarded to your personal wallet profile.
Now, click on the little pen symbol to access the profil editing page:
Here you can now upload a profile picture and insert your name, a profile description and a link to your personal webpage. Links to Twitter, verification of tezos web domain and the link to the webdomain itself can only be done via Tezos Profiles:
After you made your entries, please don't forget to click on "Update Profile" so that everything is saved.

Tezos Profiles

To add or update your profile, you need to use a decentralised, third-party service called Tezos Profiles.
Before starting, make sure you have more than 0.3 tez in your wallet, as deploying your profile to the blockchain will come with a fee. If you don't know what tez (Tezos, XTZ) is you can learn more by reading the What is Tezos guide.

Step 1 - Connect to Tzprofiles

Click on Edit Profile on your profile page or head directly over to and click on Connect Wallet
click on Connect Wallet on

Step 2 - Delete preexisting profile data

You can skip this step if this is the first time you are creating your profile
Next to the row containing Basic Profile Information click on the button with the three dots and then click Delete.
Click Delete on your Basic Profile Information

Step 3 - Verify your Basic Profile Information

Click on Verify next to the Basic Profile Information row.
Click Verify on your Basic Profile Information
Add the basic profile information that you want to be shown on your profile.
Your name. This will be displayed everywhere on objkt instead of your Tezos address or Tezos domain.
This is the description that will be displayed on your profile page on
Any link to a website you'd like your collectors to know about.
This is your profile image. It needs to be a direct link to an image file. If you're not sure how to do this, follow the Profile image upload guide.​
Then click on Submit at the bottom:
Click on the Submit button
After you clicked submit, make sure your profile image is displayed properly and verify that all the data you added is correct
veryify your profile data

Step 4 - Sign the transaction

If everything is ok, click on Review and sign. This will open a wallet prompt that you can review and if you're happy sign. Once done you should see that your Basic Profile Information is Awaiting Upload.
Your Basic Profile Information is Awaiting Upload

Step 5 - Verify your Twitter

This step is optional, If you don't want to verify your Twitter or you have already verified it, you can skip to Deploy your profile.
Click on Verify on the right of Twitter Account Verification. You will need to input your Twitter account handle. The @ is already entered. I am @cabline1, so I typed cabline1.
If you paste your Twitter address instead of your Twitter handle, it won’t work! Also, make sure that there is no blank space before your handle if you copy and paste it
Enter your Twitter handle (without the @)
Sign the Singature Prompt with your wallet
Sing Signature Prompt
Next, you will need to tweet a similar message to prove that you are the owner of the specified Twitter account:
Click on Tweet to prove account ownership
Once the tweet has been sent, you will need to copy the link to the tweet. You can see the tweet on your Twitter profile. There click on the share button which should look like this:
Share button
And then click on Copy link to Tweet.
Copy link to Tweet
And finally, you can paste the link into the Verify Signature input:
Paste the Tweet link here
And then you can return to your Profile:
Click Return to Profile

Step 5 - Deploy your profile

The final step is to deploy your profile on the Tezos blockchain. Make sure that your Basic Profile Information row and (if applicable) your Twitter Account Verification row is showing Awaiting Upload in the status column:
Your profile information is awaiting upload
Go ahead now and click on the big blue button on the top right saying Deploy Profile.
Read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
Make sure you read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and click on Deploy. This will open a wallet prompt that deploys the specified data to the Tezos blockchain. The transaction costs of this are around 0.3 tez for gas and storage. Once done you should see a confirmation that the profile has been deployed:
Your Tezos profile information has been deployed
It can take some time for your profile to appear/update on Usually, our indexer is very quick in picking up these changes, but it can take up to 30 minutes to 1 hour worst case.