๐ŸŽจCreating a Curation

Starting your curation on Objkt is a simple process, much like setting up a collection, and is open to everyone to create:

Make sure your wallet is synched and then click on our profil symbol and then on "create". You will then switch to the "Curation"-tab which will lead you to a user-friendly form, similar to what's used for collection setups:

  1. Upload a Logo: Select and upload a logo that represents your curation. Please ensure the file size does not exceed 1MB.

  2. Name Your Curation: Choose a name that captures the essence of your collection. This name will be the first thing that draws viewers to your curation.

  3. Describe Your Vision: Add a description that conveys the theme, mood, or concept of your curation. This is your chance to engage potential viewers with your narrative.

  4. Set Visibility: Decide on your curation's visibility. You have the flexibility to change this setting later if you wish.

  5. Finalize Your Curation: Once you're satisfied with the details, click the "Create" button to complete the process.

Your new Curation will be created and you can find it in your Profil under the "Curations" tab:

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