Fee Structure has a simple fee structure. We collect a 5% marketplace fee on all successful sales that happen through our smart contracts. The fee is paid by the seller. So if you list a token for sale, you can expect this fee + the token royalties to be deducted from the total listing value.
Example: A token has 20% royalties, split as 10% to Alice, 10% to Bob. It is sold for 100xtz.
  1. 1.
    Royalties get paid: Alice receives 10xtz, Bob receives 10xtz (= 10% of 100xtz each, total royalties 20%)
  2. 2.
    Fee gets paid: gets 5xtz (= 5% of 100xtz)
  3. 3.
    The remainder goes to the seller: 100-10-10-5 = 75xtz
Successful sale transactions that happen through third-party contracts such as Teia don't incur an additional marketplace fee.