๐Ÿ”ตEditing a Collection

Step 1 - Click Edit Collection on the collection page

To edit a collection, you first need to navigate to the collection page tab in your profile and click on the collection you would like to edit. On the collection page you can click on the cog symbol "manage".

Step 2 - Edit your collection

Update your collection data to your liking and even invite collaborators to your collection. For more info you can check out Step 2 - Input collection data on the Creating a collection guide.

Step 3 - Confirm the transaction

Once you're happy with your new collection information, click on the Update button at the bottom of the page and confirm the transaction with your wallet. If you don't see the collection update immediately, please be patient and wait a bit before trying again. If the collection hasn't updated after several minutes, try hard-refreshing the browser: Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + R, macOS: CMD + SHIFT + R.

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