To make sure your NFTs are safe and not vulnerable to hacks we suggest you use a Hardware Wallet. Hardware wallets provide a simple yet effective way of storing your private keys (usually in the form of a seed phrase) in a safe place. Because hardware wallets are not connected to the internet, they are very difficult to hack or steal.
Crypto hardware wallets are comparable to bank accounts or safes in a home. They are known as cold wallets because they are used for long-term storage rather than active use. It is important to note that hardware wallets don’t hold your cryptocurrency itself, but rather hold the private keys that allow you to access it.
Once you’ve purchased a hardware wallet from a reputable vendor, you’ll initially need to set up your wallet by plugging it into your computer. Most importantly, you’ll be prompted to write down and secure your recovery phrase, a long string of words which will allow you to recover your wallet if it is lost or stolen.
We recommend Ledger for your Hardware Wallet needs.