What is the goal of your platform?

We want to enable price discovery and provide tools that make it easier for the community to buy and sell NFTs on Tezos.

What is an Offer?

An Offer is an offer to buy an objkt for a specific price. Anybody who owns a token that has an offer on it can execute it immediately. Offers stay in the smart contract until canceled. When canceled, funds are returned.

What is a Listing?

Listings are β€œSwaps” or an offer to sell an objkt for a specific price. Anybody can execute a listing (buy the token) by owning the right amount of Tezos. Listings stay in the smart contract until canceled. When canceled, the objkt is returned.

What is a Highest Bid Auction?

A Highest Bid Auction (also known as English Auction) is an auction, where the highest bid receives the objkt. The auction finishes after the selected time has passed. If a bid is placed within the last 10 minutes of the auction, the auction end time is extended back to 10 minutes remaining. Once the auction has finished, either the creator of the auction or the person with the highest bid can β€œconclude” the auction to trigger the exchange of the objkt and the price in Tezos. A Highest Bid Auction can be canceled until a bid is placed.

What is a Price Drop Auction?

A Price Drop Auction (Also known as a Dutch Auction) is an auction, where the price of an objkt is lowered linearly from a starting price to an end price during a fixed time frame. The objkt can be purchased for the instantaneous price shown on the auction page. Once a buyer hits buy, the auction is over. The auction can be cancelled by the creator at any time before it is bought or after the time runs out.

Can I auction multiple tokens at once?

No, currently it is not possible to auction multiple tokens in the same auction. You'll have to create multiple auctions. We are working on multi-token auctions.

I won an auction / the auction concluded but I didn’t get my token back. What can I do?

On the auction page there’s a button underneath the image that lets you cancel/conclude the auction and retrieve your token back.

Can I cancel an auction?

As long as there is no bid on the auction you can cancel it. To cancel an auction you will find a cancel button on the auction page. As soon as someone places a bid on the auction, it cannot be canceled anymore.

Can I cancel a bid on an auction?

Once a bid is placed on an auction it cannot be canceled anymore. The only way the funds are returned to you is if somebody places a higher bid on the auction.

What is a Collection? How can I create a collection?

A collection is like a β€œcontainer” for tokens. You can create a collection here , then mint tokens in this collection.

You can create several collections, for instance if you are both a painter and a photographer, you might want to create one collection for your paintings and another one for your photographs.

Technically, a collection is an FA2 contract.

Can I move tokens between collections?

No. Once a token is minted in a collection, it is not possible to assign it to another collection. If you minted in the wrong collection by mistake, burn the token and mint it again.

What is the minimum amount an item can be listed for?

An item needs to be listed for a minimum of 0.0011 tez

What fees do you charge?

We charge 5% on a successful transaction. That is for auctions, listings and offers it is always 5%.

Are royalties paid to the artists?

Yes, objkt.com respects artists royalties and pays royalties on every transaction.

How can I list my own FA2 contract on objkt.com?

If you minted tokens on your own smart contract, you will find them at https://objkt.com/collection/KT1yourContractAddress. If you are signed in you should be able to modify the collection information on this page.

Can a set of HEN tokens be turned into a separate collection?

No, tokens minted on the HEN smart contract will be displayed under the HEN collection.

How can I change my name/profile picture on objkt.com?

Go to tzprofiles.com to change your name, profile picture and social links.

How can I get a short profile url?

To get a short profile URL you must buy a tezos domain and set the reverse record to your address. Then you can access your objkt.com profile using the following URL scheme: e.g. if you registered "example.tez" then your objkt.com URL will be "https://objkt.com/@example"


Highest Bid Auctions (English Auctions) v1 https://tzkt.io/KT1XjcRq5MLAzMKQ3UHsrue2SeU2NbxUrzmU/operations/

Price Drop Auctions (Dutch Auctions) v1 https://tzkt.io/KT1QJ71jypKGgyTNtXjkCAYJZNhCKWiHuT2r/operations/

Marketplace v1 https://tzkt.io/KT1FvqJwEDWb1Gwc55Jd1jjTHRVWbYKUUpyq/operations/

Highest Bid Auctions (English Auctions) v2 https://tzkt.io/KT18p94vjkkHYY3nPmernmgVR7HdZFzE7NAk/operations/

Price Drop Auctions (Dutch Auctions) v2 https://tzkt.io/KT1XXu88HkNzQRHNgAf7Mnq68LyS9MZJNoHP/operations/

Marketplace v2 https://tzkt.io/KT1WvzYHCNBvDSdwafTHv7nJ1dWmZ8GCYuuC/operations/

All other questions:

If you have any other questions please go to our discord server.

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