The Listing is the simplest way a token can be sold on objkt.

Creating a listing

Any owner of a token has the ability to list that token for sale at a fixed price in Tezos. To list a token for sale, start by navigating to the token page. On the token page, click on the List button on the right-hand side.

On the popup that opens, you can specify the number of editions, price per edition and currency you want to list the token for. You are also able to define an additional referal bonus. Once you're happy with your input, click on List and proceed with signing the transaction. It can take between 30 - 60 seconds for the listing to appear on the marketplace.

Cancel a single listing

You can cancel your listing directly on the token page where you placed it. Under the Listings tab you will find all your listings created for a token. There you have the option to cancel it by clicking on the red button.

Cancel multiple listings

To cancel multiple listings navigate to your profile and click on the Listings tab. There you will find a list containing all the listings you have created. By checking multiple rows and clicking Cancel Selected you'll be able to cancel multiple listings in the same wallet transaction.

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