🎨Adding Tokens to a Curation

Any token, whether owned or not, can be added to a curation using one of the following two methods:

  1. From the Token Page When on a token page, click the three arrows at the bottom right:

And then add to curation. This will bring up a menu where you can select the curation you want to add this token to:

After clicking β€œAdd” the token will appear at the front of your curation.

  1. From an Explore Page

On any explore view or collection page simply click the three arrows on top of a token card and click β€œAdd to Curation”:

This will bring up the same menu as before.

If you have multiple tokens you want to add to the same curation at once, you can use the select tool on the top right:

This will start the selection mode, where you can select any number of tokens and click on the arrow button again to Add to Curation:

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