Minting a Token

Minting the exact same artifact twice will result in your account being flagged. Make sure not to mint the same token twice unless you burn it beforehand.
Once you minted a token, it is not possible to edit any of its metadata (name, description, tags etc.). Please make sure that everything is correct before you mint the token. The only way to fix a faulty token is by burning and re-minting it.
Before minting a token, you'll first have to create a collection for the token to be minted in. If you haven't yet created a collection, please follow the Creating a collection guide.
The first step is to navigate to the token creation page by clicking on your profile image at the top right and then clicking on create.
The following can be specified when creating a new token:
Specify which collection your token should be minted in.
This is the artifact that will be linked to your token (the main file). Learn more about the supported Token Types. If you're minting an interactive piece, read the Interactive Tokens page.
Cover Image
conditional - If you're not uploading an image, this will be the thumbnail/cover image for your token.
This is the title of your token
200 char
This is the description of your token.
5,000 char
Specify whether the token contains any sensitive content such as nudity.
Flashing Hazards
Specify whether the token contains any flashing hazards
optional - Select multiple tags for your token. This can be useful for discovery.
conditional - Specify the collaborators of the token. You can choose from users who have been invited to your collection and have accepted the invite. Learn more about Collaborating. note: you won't have to select yourself here, you are always a creator if you mint a token.
Specify the license that applies to your token. By default we apply No License / All Rights Reserved
optional - Select attributes that match your token. This can be useful to group tokens if there are multiple with the same attributes.
Specify how many editions you want to mint. Each edition can be sold/traded individually
Specify the royalty that shall be paid on secondary sales. Additionally, specify the royalty recipients and the way the proceeds should be split.
This is only used for the purpouse of uploading your artifact. Choose a server that is as close as possible to you geographically. This will not have any impact on the token minted but only on the upload experience.
Once you are happy with your token you can click on Continue at the bottom of the form. This will trigger the upload to IPFS and will give you a last chance to check whether all the files are ok.
If your file doesn't look right, please double-check it. Objkt does not modify the files you mint in any way, we don't compress them, convert them, apply filters, change colors, strip metadata, nothing.
Stripping sensitive personal data from your files metadata is your responsibility, for instance geo-location data.
Once the upload is done, you'll be able to click on the links to view the artifact and token metadata that will be minted:
IPFS upload
If everything looks fine, you can go ahead and click Mint to create your token. Note: Once you confirmed the transaction, it may take 30-60 seconds for your token to be visible on objkt.